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A breakthrough product that is helping to control the spread of communicable diseases, protecting individuals with this self-protection technology anytime anywhere.

This will give you a 1-2 meter airborne protection against flu bacteria and viruses.  Be protected 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with iProtect 24/7, a quality product of AIM World.

Technology from Japan

This amazing product is made possible through the clinical research for 30 years. A product creating a barrier of protection from unwanted particles. This product is one of a kind. Double-patented in the US and single patented in Japan showing its reputation to compete in Global Market.

The Most Important Matter

It’s safer to be on the preventive side. Why spend so much in curing diseases when we can spend less on preventing it. With this product, your world is protected from airborne bacteria, flu, and viruses.

Mobile Protection and Fashionable

Mobile means wearable.
The iProtect pendant where the iProtect pack will be placed inside has a unique design called the Flower of Life that is a symbol of serenity, harmony, balance for life secured from airborne diseases.

This is one of the very first test and testimony to know if iProtect 24/7, a product of AIMWorld is effective in preventing the spread and growth of flu bacteria and Viruses that is most likely be found on air. This test was conducted in an orange.  See the amazing result after 11 days.

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