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The Top Male Networker 2016 Poll Result

Business for Home website organized a poll for the Top Male Networker 2016 that closed the voting November 15 of 2016. The leaders that were nominated are those who have proven track record in the field of MLM.

The voting was through the direct selling app of Business For Home  that can be downloaded on App store(Apple) and Google Play for android users. After 500,000 page views on the website,  7,887 total votes, it closed and the one who hit the number one spot is Joseph Lim, AIM Global’s Hall of FAIMer.

A Networker leader has a great influence on its group, company and to people who has been following their footsteps. Gaining support and trust from the distributors is not easy to gain and this poll can be a tool to measure how a leader has influenced thousands of people’s lives earning their support and votes.

The Top Male Networker 2016 Poll ResultTop Male Networker 2016

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Business For Home will personally hand the award to the Top Male Networker 2016. Congratulations to AIM Global’s very own Joseph Lim!

This is another victory for AIM Global after Doc Ed Cabantog recently won the first spot as the Top Direct Selling CEO in The World 2016.

AIM Global distributors have to be proud of these victories that have shown the world of its global appearance set to join the MLM giants that have been existing in Network Marketing industry in over a period of time.

Being the top MLM company in the Philippines, AIM Global has shown its capability to conquer the world and bring opportunity for many people who can start the Network Marketing business from different walks of life.

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