POLL – Top Direct Selling CEO In The World for 2016

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Business for Home website has a new poll for the Top Direct Selling CEO In The World for 2016 and to keep the polls honest you can now only vote through an app for android and iOs. This poll will close on October 15 of 2016 so if you have not voted yet, go now to the website of Business for Home and follow the guide on how to vote your top Direct Selling CEO in the World for 2016.

According to industry experts:

“The CEO and/or owner is the most important factor in any business. If you have a good one with a good mind and good heart, that will solve almost any problem.

A good leader will always find a way to create a great opportunity for you. If you have a bad leader, it doesn’t matter how good the product or compensation plan is, they will find a way to mess it up”

CEO (Chief Executive Officer) is the highest-ranking corporate officer (executive) or in charge of total management of an organization. The CEO is responsible for the success or failure of the company so if your CEO deserves to be on Top, show your support by voting them.

Here are the few simple steps on how to vote.

  1. Download the App needed for Voting. Available versions are for iOs and androids. Go HERE to download the App.
  2. After downloading and opened the App, go to MENU found on the upper left corner.
  3. Select Current poll  – Vote Now
  4. Then push the Vote button – That’s how simple and your vote will be counted.

See the top 3 for Top Direct Selling CEO In The World for 2015. This poll was done last year.

Doc Ed Cabantog  – CEO of Alliance in Motion Global or AIM Global  in the number 1 spot.

Mark Pentecost – It Works! Global CEO for the 2nd spot.

Orville Thompson– Scentsy CEO for the 3rd position.

Make sure you don’t miss out voting for the Top Direct Selling CEO in the World for 2016 Poll. Your CEO means a lot to the company and hitting the top position will mean a lot so show your support to your company CEO.

Go now to business for home website for the official post of this  Top Direct Selling CEO in the World for 2016 Poll. Click Here

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