Congratulations! -Doc ED Cabantog, Top Direct Selling CEO in the World 2016

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Once again, Doc Ed Cabantog is the Top Direct Selling CEO in the World 2016!

AIM Global’s visionary president ” Doc Ed Cabantog” has been hitting the number 1 spot for three consecutive years from 2014 up to this present poll for  2016 Top Direct Selling CEO in the World conducted by  Business For Home Website. This is a great achievement of AIM Global as well as by AIM Global distributors. AIM Global has just proved in the world of Network Marketing industry the company’s global appearance and aggressiveness to lead in the global market.

Over 100,000 network marketing professionals voted and many network marketing companies participated and after few months of waiting, Doc Ed Cabantog has the most number of votes and landed again on the first position of the Top Direct Selling CEO in the World poll.

Alliance in Motion Global or AIM Global is known as a pro-distributor company. It means that the company is also after the good connection to its distributors. There is no doubt about the leadership of the three triumvirate owners because the company has gone this far, reaching a decade in the industry going better and stronger to penetrate the global market.

Be proud being a member of AIM Global. Share and let the world know the victory!

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