How To Start AIM Global In South Africa

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As part of the aggressive expansion of AIM Global to so many countries, South Africa is lined up to open a branch. What does it mean if we open a branch? It gives a lot of advantage to its current distributors as well as convenience including shipping, encashments and ID processing. In my other post, I mentioned how to join AIM Global South Africa.

If you came to this website because of your research on how to join the business, you are on the right page.

I also mentioned in the other post about AIM Global South Africa if how much is the potential income you can earn. The potential income is up to R6,720 per day or per week that is through our marketing plan.


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AIM Global is running a hybrid marketing plan and with health and wellness products mainly food supplements.

The Process of joining AIM Global South Africa and achieve success.

Step 1: You have to buy the membership package.

  • Deposit to AIM Global South Africa bank
  • Send the receipt for verification
  • Give your details for registration of your account and package delivery
  • Wait for further advice –  Login details will be sent to you.

Step 2: Train with the right mentor

You have to keep communication with the person who assisted you to join. Keep in mind that you need knowledge for you to get to the success point.

Step 3: Do network By Heart

You have to build a big organization for you to have a substantial income. The key to having time and financial freedom is you have a big team. Help more people under your organization to get their dreams and automatically you will get yours.

What AIM Global South Africa has to offer?

AIM Global has been proven for 13 years since 2006. It already created more almost 10,000 people become part of the AIM Global Millionaire Circle Club. If you are not yet convinced of your future, look at those digits and profile of the company.

Success doesn’t come overnight. It needs time and effort for someone’s team to grow.

Become a pioneer in AIM Global South Africa! Build your team, and reach your dreams!


FB – Add mentor Robinson Ortega

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