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It was recently announced the opening of AIM Global Qatar. This means of opening AIM Global opportunity to this country. Whether you live or just working in Qatar, surely you can become part of AIM Global. For 11 years, AIM Global has achieved to put up 19 offices in different countries and expand massively local and international. Last May 14 this year of 2017, AIM Global held its anniversary celebration at the Philippines Arena, the biggest indoor arena in the whole world.  Over 50,000 attendees and more than 100 delegates from different parts of the world.



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Do you know that you can already join AIM Global from Qatar even if the office is not yet established? It will be to your advantage to start as soon as now so that you can become the pioneer in that country. You can build your group prior to the official branch and dominate the market.

How to Join AIM Global Qatar?

The first step you needed to do to become a member is to find a sponsor who will assist you. If somebody has already invited to AIM Global, contact them now. To become a member, here is the process below.

Step 1

Buy the Global Package for membership. The business capital is only 320 USD including the shipment fee. If you are an OFW, just 12,980 pesos and we will ship the package to your family with only an additional 250 LBC shipment fee.  See this package below.

AIM Global package Qatar

Note: This package set may change from time to time without prior notice so you need to have a person to be contacted with.

I will make sure that you will have the proper assistance to join AIM Global. My contact details are below:

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Let’s talk more about this business and contact me on my given contacts above so that we can have better communication about AIM Global Qatar process in joining.


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