Advantages of Joining AIM World – Earn Money Online in AIM Global

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Advantages Joining AIMWorld

I will be discussing the Advantages of Joining AIM World in this topic to give each reader an idea about this opportunity. In many years since I’ve started trying online businesses, I keep discovering ways to make money online. But in the ways I have learned, only with AIM Global Online Marketing gives me a true online income. With AIMWorld which is the online division of Aim Global, I have seen the future bringing distributors a 7 figure income monthly 2-5 years from now. Having that vision making me excited to share these ideas for you to know why you need to


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With AIMWorld which is the online division of Aim Global, I have seen the future bringing distributors a 7 figure income monthly 2-5 years from now. Having that vision making me excited to share these ideas for you to know why you need to Activate your AIMWorld account by NPP package if you are an existing AIM Global member or want to join AIMWorld if it’s your first time to know about this opportunity.

Here are the Advantages of Joining AIMWorld:


You don’t have to go to an office and buy the package. Neither your friends who would like to avail the product or the opportunity. You just have to give them your Unique Tracking Link to credit the sale on your account and for you to earn your commissions.  This image below how your Unique tracking Link Looks like. Once you click it your link will direct you to your Online Shop. Earn commission on a successful purchase of product or package.Advantages of AIMWord Tracking link


Order thru credit card online

With the convenience of this system, the order can be processed easily even if you don’t exert much effort processing the registration for your customer. Worry no more on the shipment because the company will do the job. This is a win-win system for all.

Door-to-Door Delivery

The company will deliver the product once the order has been made on your shop using your link. All you have to do is to market and share the opportunity, let them processed the order on your UNIQUE TRACKING LINK and watch your commissions grow.


 Recurring Commissions Advantages of AIMWorldYou can earn an unlimited commission when you put the heart to build your network in AIMWorld. From the start when someone joined your network, you automatically earn $25 each people who will also buy the package to register. Because of the binary program that you will earn $33 every pair from the left and the right group, you can have a maximum income of $528 per day per account. Remember that you can have up to 7 accounts so if we will do the math $528 X 7=$3,696 per day if you will reach the maximum earning structure which is possible because you can market in 200 countries. If you are from US, CANADA, AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND  your options are as follows.

  • Sapphire Package –  $268
  • Emerald Package  – $804
  • Diamond Package – $1,340


NO need for third party approval. Simply GO TO AIM WORLD SHOP and avail the registration package of your choice and we will provide you your distributor tracking center or your web page where you can check your commissions, group product sales commission, network genealogy, etc.
Start earning by promoting your Unique Tracking Link. When the order has been placed in your network, you earn commissions.
That’s how easy to market AIMWorld. Earn at the convenience of your home. Track every sales and commission upfront after the sale and sign up has been made.


Because we are open in 200 countries, you will have limitless prospects or customers. You can widely promote this opportunity thru online. On your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus or any other social media. You can even create your own website or blog promoting AIMWorld. My team is ready to provide this tool for you.

What AIM World has to offer? UPDATE: For the most updated explanation of AIM World Marketing Plan, please go here ⇒

So how to join AIM World?

Step 1

Coordinate with your sponsor. If someone has already invited you to join AIM World, ask for his/her AIMWorld shop link. If none, I will be your sponsor and at your service.

Step 2

Buy your AIM World Package to the AIM World Shop. The package is only $268 and this image below is the one you should buy. Please be guided. You can buy up to 7 accounts.

aim world package


Note: If you are from US, CANADA, AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND, buy the Sapphire, Emerald or the Diamond Package.


Step 3

After you buy the package from the shop, check your email because your registration code will be sent to your email. After you have it, fill out this APPLICATION FORM.

Another way to send your application form. We need this information for the registration.
Your Name:___
Contact #:___
Registration Code:____

Send to any of these details:
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*Your information will be use solely for your account registration. It will not be shared with the public.

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