What Is AIM Global Tanzania – How To Become A Member

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It was 2 days ago when the AIM Global President and CEO Dr. Ed Cabantog announced that in two months time, AIM Global Tanzania will be opening.(This post was written June 16 of 2017). If you live in Tanzania and been hearing about AIM Global opportunity, you may be now asking for more details and that’s absolutely right! Keep reading this post till the end so you’ll know some of the most important detail if what is AIM Global Tanzania about.



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What is AIM Global?

AIM Global 11th Year Anniversary Celebration

AIM Global 11th year anniversary

AIM Global is into a distribution of health and wellness products. AIM Global promotes wealth and at the same time, a partner or a distributor can gain financial as well as time freedom by sharing the goodness of its products and opportunity. The company started in the business since 2006 and now has grown its branches in 17 countries worldwide. With the massive expansion that AIM Global is making, we can then expect that in another 10 years of AIM Global in the business, the number of branches will be double or even triple. Moreover, AIM Global is already open in 200 countries because of its online division called AIM World.

What is it for Tanzanians having AIM Global?

For the past 4 years when AIM Global had its first office in Nigeria, it helped many Africans gain financial freedom. Currently, AIM Global has offices in 6 states of Nigeria and expanding for more. There is also an office in Kenya, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon and soon will be opening too in The Democratic Republic of Congo. The most exciting part is it’s opening in the next two months in Tanzania with registered products and business so anyone from Tanzania can benefit from this business.

AIM congo

AIM Global Nigeria

How to join AIM Global Tanzania and benefit from this opportunity?

These are the contact information that you can get in touch to become part of AIM Global Tanzania.
I will make sure that you will have the best assistance from our team.

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