How to Earn With AIM Global Nigeria

Are you looking for a serious and legit opportunity that can possibly change your life? AIM Global has been around for 11 years in the industry that has already created 4,000+ and counting self-made millionaires. The 4,000+ people worldwide that have now their time and financial freedom are people that just started in a dream.

AIM Global is available in many countries including the 6 offices in Nigeria. This post is to explain the ways to earn in AIM Global Nigeria Marketing plan. Learn how the ₦153,600 potential income per day is possible.

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How to earn with AIM Global Nigeria?

You need to become a distributor first before you can access the ways to earn. Becoming a distributor means becoming a member of AIM Global. You will become an extension of the company to reach out more potential customers.

To become a distributor, you just need to buy the Global Package that you can buy in any of the 6 offices of AIM Global Nigeria. The business capital to start for one account is ₦70,000. The product worth in the package that you will receive is ₦73,130. As you can see, you have an immediate return of investment through products. Please refer to the image below for theAIM Global Package for Nigeria.

aim global nigeria package

Your Package will also include these following benefits:

  • ATM REGISTRATION FORM – The ATM will be used for your daily and monthly income.
  • WEBSITE / WEBPAGE – Your own account in AIM Global’s computer system that monitors all your and your group’s successful sales transactions.
  • DISCOUNTS Enjoy – 25% lifetime discounts on all AIM Global Products.
  • TECHNOLOGY SERVICES – Real-time internet-based access to your account 24/7 called DTC
  • GLOBAL BUSINESS – Enjoy the privilege of being an independent distributor and have your own GLOBAL BUSINESS with six (6) major ways to earn.


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How to Earn With AIM Global Nigeria – ₦153,600 Potential Income Per Day!