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AIM Global  has this very awesome Transferable Scholarship Certificate included in the benefits when you join Alliance in Motion Global. It’s one of the benefits attracted me to join AIM for the reasons that our family doesn’t have the capacity to send us in college. Though I am already a graduate of a Two-Year Course, I still grabbed the opportunity thinking of my younger sisters. I believed they can use it one day.


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Sending their children to college could be very costly to parents but it is their responsibility to invest for the future of their children through education. However, financial factor plays a very important role. If the income of the family is just enough to provide for the family’s basic needs, it may be hard for the family to pay for the college education.

Are you going to college next year? or

Are you a parent who’s sending your loved ones to college?

Are you thinking of finding a scholarship?

Is the budget not enough for additional expenses on education?
AIM Global Transferable Scholarship may get it covered.

Like these children, you can become a scholar!

AIM Global Transferable Scholarship program

This scholarship offers 10 up to 100% on tuition fees depending on the school.

The discount is determined by the school who has tied up with AIM Global. It will depend on how much they can offer discounts to the incoming freshmen of their school who will have the transferable scholarship from AIM Global. We have the list of more than 400 schools nationwide where you can use the transferable certificate. For the complete list of the tie-up schools, download it below from the official website.


How to use the transferable scholarship?

Present it to the school that is included on the list. You can also call the number to verify if they really offer the scholarship. Here is the sample computation that shows how much you can save when you avail the scholarship program. AIM Global Transferable scholarship cer

How to avail this program?

It is the benefit included in the packages when you join AIM Global so there are two choices you have to have it.

#1Become a member . The Global Package is only 7,980 pesos. Becoming a member will have you 10 benefits including the scholarship.

  • PRODUCTS: Almost 90% return (R.O.I) of products.
  • DISCOUNTS- Enjoy 25% lifetime discounts on all AIM Global’s Products. (lifetime)
    – 200,000 Accident Insurance(Death)
    – 50,000 unprovoked Murder
    – 10,000 Medical Reimbursement
    – 10,000 Burial Assistance
  • ATM / ID
  • BUSINESS KIT Start-up sales kit:
    – Folder for presentation
    – Video Presentation /CD
  • WEBSITE/WEBPAGE Your own account in AIM Global’s
  • Cardio Pulse Certificate
  • Free Training.

#2. Certificate Given to you – A member can give it to people they care about who wants to use the scholarship. If you know someone who can give it to you, its ok. It’s transferable and no name on it. As long as you have it, you can use it.

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