What is iProtect Home – Product of AIM World

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iProtect home Aim World

iProtect home

iProtect Home is very similar to iProtect 24/7 that is another breakthrough product of AIM World.

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From the name itself iProtect Home, it’s a protection in your home against Viruses, Flu, and Bacteria.
Protection like this for your family and loved ones has never been easier like this iProtect Home Product.

It is backed up with a clinical research that proves it’s effectivity against viruses, flu, and bacteria.

AimWorld Iprotect Home

You can place it anywhere inside the house. In your child’s room or in a shoe rock where most common bacterias are hiding.
You can even put it in your refrigerator that preserves your food and vegetables because it kills salmonella which is the cause of fast food spoilage.

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Or even inside your Car. Iprotect home will give you a peace of mind against flu, bacteria or viruses.

iprotect home


iProtect Home is a Preventive Intervention that increases your defense against airborne infection and boosts immunity inside your home.



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