I am a proud AIMER!!! Said  by AIM Global distributors!

About 2 years ago when it was announced about the manufacturing plant of AIM Global construction in Bulacan. And then the ground-breaking ceremony was posted in AIM Global Official Page.


And now after the long wait, it’s finally done.

Of all network marketing companies in the Philippines, only AIM Global built its own manufacturing plant. There were many speculations that AIM Global will not last long just like other companies and now they proved themselves wrong because AIM Global Celebrated its 10th year anniversary last May of 2016 and it has now it’s own manufacturing plant that can be found in Guiguinto, Bulacan. So, if you are still not sure whether AIM Global is a good opportunity, I do not know what to tell you because a company will never invest millions on a manufacturing plant if the vision  of the company is not for long term.

Watch AIM Global Manufacturing plant in Bulacan.

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AIM Global Manufacturing Plant in the Philippines